Organizing your collection of CDs and DVDs

Are you familiar with the problem when there are too many CDs? Most probably Yes... Then we have some good news for you – there are many ways of organizing your collection of disks. Everything depends on your taste and needs. Some examples of organizing include numbered lists, alphabetical order, names of artists or albums, list of favorites, recently listened, etc. 

Simple steps before you start:
  1. Choose the method of organization you are going to apply. As an example – you may decide to put your movie in the alphabetical order. Write down all movies, starting with letter ‘A’, then go to letter ‘B’, and so on. Make sure that you allocate enough space on the storage shelves for all your movies.
  2. Organize ‘like’ or ‘hate’ lists and put your DVDs or CDs in that order. For example, you may apply a star ranking system (from 1 to 5) for all your disks. This system works best, if you don’t have much movies/CDs in your collection. Put the ones with high rating (4 or 5 stars) closer, and the disks having 1 or 2 stars will go at the back (if they got 1-2 stars it means you don’t like them and will not need them so often).
  3. Get movies you don’t like out of sight. If you didn’t like the movie – most probably you will not ever need it again. If you don’t want to get rid of it, jut put it somewhere out of sight, so you never come across it.
  4. Organize music CDs by number of songs they contain. This method is also good, if you have small amount of disks in your collection. Let’s say you have 9 CDs of various artist. 3 of them have 20 songs in the tracklist, 2 CDs have 17 songs, 3 disks have 13 songs each, and one CDs is a single, which has 4 songs in the tracklist. Here you may apply ascending or descending order – put 3 CDs with 20 songs as first or last items in the collection.
  5. Organize disks according to the artist names. This may be both – simple alphabetical order, or favorites list. Put your favorite artists and bands first.

Hope the tips, described above will help you in CDs or DVDs organization. Remember, it is totally up to you – which method you choose and apply.

It Can Save Your Stress

After your media collection had been organized, it seems like you don't need to worry about it anymore. Moreover, an organized collection is much more manageable and you can find that adding new titles, sorting or searching for a particular disc or book can be pretty enjoyable. This movie organizers can also be found online so you may save the time on going to the store and speaking with an obtrusive sales representative.