Female artists like Taylor Swift and Britney Spears deemed to be the highest earning female singers in Music

Taylor Swift and Britney SpearsThe sultry tones of pop star legend Britney Spears sailed by the dulcet tones of Taylor Swift to become the most popular and highest earning female artist in music, followed closely by Swift herself. Britney earned a whopping $58 million from her music, product endorsements and the launch of her perfume last year. The statement was confirmed by Forbes in an interview on Wednesday.

Taylor Swift on the other hand earned a paycheck of $57 million with her tour, allowing her to earn at least a million dollars ever night. That coupled with her contract with Cover Girl cosmetics, her own perfume line and the release of her album “Red” made her a close second. Rihanna, the twenty four year old R&B sensation assumes her position at number 3 with an estimate of $53 million. This has placed her in a slot advanced by 2 places from last year. The most-earning artist of 2011 was the 26 year old Lady Gaga who has slipped to the forth place this year with an approximate earn of $52 million. This was closely followed by the 28 year old Katy Perry whose chart topping hits rang out for 5 consecutive singles on her album. The only other artist to accomplish this feat is the great legend, Michael Jackson himself. Katy Perry amassed $45 million dollars and completed the top 5 list.

According to Steve Stoute, the marketing expert and the author of the seminal book “the tanning of America” the success of Spears can be attributed to her comeback as that is what people love best, as told in his interview with Forbes magazine. The 31 year old Spears who was at the 10th slot last year made up for her loss in popularity by earning from her album “Femme Fatale” and the impending tour. The list prepared by Forbes included earnings from May 2011 to 2012. It was reported that Spears appeared as a celebrity judge on the TV sensation “The X Factor” for $15 million.

Although they might be earning huge, it was calculated by Forbes that only the top 8 of these leading female artists were among the 25 best paid music artists. This was partly due to the breaks in their careers in which they chose to start a family. Music legend, Madonna, only made it to the 9th in the list with $30 million in earning. This did not include the money earned in tour as this was outside the period of calculation. This list was prepared keeping in mind the income generated before income tax. The calculation was based on the sale of records, touring revenue, merchandise sale, concert promotions, interviews and public appearances.