Want to watch movie on PSP and PS3?

Watching movies on the PS3 is very simple; however, many individuals do not know how to do it. There is no need to despair. A simple four-stage procedure will empower you to watch your favorite movies on the Sony cheap ps3 for sale.

1. Ensuring that the PS3/PSP is in the off mode, connect it to the machine with a USB cable connector. After connecting the two devices, switch on the PS3.
2. Get inside the settings menu and push the button labeled X. This connects the PSP with the machine. Connecting the two devices takes a few seconds. Once the two are connected, choose the My Computer folder on your machine. You should be able to view the PSP there, similar to an external hard drive or flash memory device.
3. On the machine, get within the PSP and access the memory stick. Then open a folder called PSP. Within the folder, create a folder called MP_ROOT, and within this create a sub-folder and name it 100mnv01.
4. Movies must be in the MP4 format compatible with any portable wii gaming console deals, Sony PSP, etc. A little further down, we shall provide you some excellent software options to convert a DVD to the MP4 format. Here, we assume that you have the MP4 saved on the machine. You need to now copy the MP4 movies in the 100mnv01 folder that you created in the above step. After copying the files, you can click on these within the folder in the PSP and you can now enjoy your favorite movies.

That is all that is required to enjoy a movie on the PSP. As we mentioned above, you will need software to convert the DVD movies to the MP4 format. The below mentioned link will take you to a page listing such software application. The ones that we have reviewed not only help to convert your movies to MP4 format but also can assist you to download unlimited games that you can play on your PSP.

P.S. All these movies are also playable on cheap xbox 360 consoles and any computer.