Watch and collect movies

Watch and collect moviesMany of us like to watch movies and to collect them. There are plenty of movie organizers programs, which are free of charge. But in this article we will look closer only at 5 of them. All presented programs were chosen based on their features and proper work.

Below you may find short descriptions of software, which will help you organize your movies

First: Coollector

  • You may add a wish-list and easily modify it
  • Rate your favorite actors and movies
  • If you want to purchase a movie – movie collector software provides prices at different retailers and lets you compare them to find the best deals
  • Helpful tracking system: track which videos you’ve loaned and which you have in your personal collection
  • Useful YouTube search! Find interviews, trailers, alternate scenes, etc. for any movie!
  • The PicLens feature of this software provides high-end visualizations of your favorite actors, movies, and whole DVD collection.

Second: I Heart Movies

  • You may easily categorize, rate, and organize your whole collection the way you like
  • Track who has borrowed movies from you, and which ones were borrowed
  • Other users of this software may be linked to your collection – they will be able to see what you have
  • And even more

Did you already sign up for I Heart Movies?

Third: Griffith

  • Find movies in 22 databases and add them to your collection
  • Search based on date ranges or keywords
  • Easy tracking of the movies you’ve loaned to somebody
  • May download posters for the movies you watch
  • Memorized which movies you’ve watched, and may randomly select the one which you have not seen yet

Fourth: Ant Movie Catalog

  • Serves as a storage place for your movies’ details (e.g. resolution, audio format, codecs, etc.) 
  • Has access to more than 200 movie databases
  • Original software has a support for about 30 world languages
  • May import movie databases from other media managing software

Fifth: MeD’s Movie Manager

  • Create your own Catalog of movies
  • Get the information on the movie from or IMDB ratings
  • Retrieve the cover art for each movie