Movie organizer is a great solution for organizing movies that features some encyclopedia functions. As it is said on its site, it was created by movie lovers for movie lovers.
Movie organizer can help you to:

  • Control your movie collection and easily organize movies;
  • Become an expert in movie industry;
  • Remember what the film was about;
  • Remember who took your DVDs or where did you left it;
  • Learn everything you wanted about an actress/actor or movie in a couple of clicks.

Thousands of users are already enjoying the functionality of movie dvd organizer software and you should join them!

Control your movie collection

Most people do not normally keep their things in order. We commonly have our files, socks, movies, books, discs with music, etc. in a real mess, and when there is need to find an appropriate thing, it takes time and temper to do it, especially if the search eventually comes to be unsuccessful. With Best movie manager software you will always know where do you keep a particular movie, on a hard drive or on a shelf, and what the subtitles, audio tracks and other parameters it has. The list of actors, movie cover and sensible film synopsis will also be a useful bonus.
When you will end adding movies to Movie organizer, it'll become much easier to remember, have you already watched a particular movie, how much you like it and what it is about. Just look at the description of the movie and some of its shots, and it will be enough to recall your memories. The program allows to automatically add the shots from the DVD or video file. It can also store a movie rating created by your own or by online movie databases.

Become a movie expert

Do you think you are a movie collector that is never satisfied with the information that comes with movies? Then Movie collection program will help to know practically everything about the cinema world. Find out what awards received the particular film, how big was its budget, what is an actor list, learn how old were they when they starred in the movie, what is their date of birth, in what other movies they have been playing. With Best Movie organizer you'll going to be a "walking encyclopedia".