The Vow

vow"The Vow", one of the most romantic film of the year. It made all the people to tell wow. It got released on February of this year 2012. This film was written by Stuart sender was directed in a marvellous way by Michael Sucsy. The film runs for almost two hours in which the director made the audience to think and to enjoy with their lover or life partner. This film hits box office with $ 196,114,570.

This film was actually based on the real story of relationship between Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. Their book about marriage stands as the foundation of the movie. The most inspiring thought of the couple is their wedding vows and their trust and faith on the almighty is keeping them together even after enormous troubles and problems. The romantic starts with a car accident, in which the hero Leo and his wife Paige were seriously injured. They were admitted in hospital, after this Leo was back to normal with small wounds while Paige who sat in car without the seat belt had trauma in her brain and lost her memories about her recent past of few years. In this she forgot Leo, their wonderful love and their vows made during their wedding. But Leo made few attempts to prove that they were couples and he made his attempt a bit success and took Paige to his home with her parents permission.

That is the first time he met her parents. After going home Leo tries to bring back her lost memories by showing her the things they did together, by narrating her day to day activities, by showing her the artistry place where she used to spend more time at past. At a moment, Leo lost his patience and he shouts at her. In the meanwhile, her parents had already seen a groom for her and as she lost her memories they used this chance to make their dream as real. In this hectic situation, Paige meets her old friend who has illegal contact with Paige’s dad. Her friend without knowing Paige’s problem utters all the wrong she did and she felt sorry. Then again Paige got the reason of why she left her home and how she married Leo. Again Paige leaves her home and resides in a separate home with her friend. Her friends tells a lot about her love with Leo and at the climax ends as Leo and Paige moves to have a cup of coffee.