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Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is the famous Russian writer. Chekhov was born in Taganrog in 1860. His grandfather was a serf who had saved money to buy his freedom that of his 3 sons. One of them Pavel by name, opened a grocer’s shop at Taganrog, married and had 6 children. Anton was his third son. When Anton was sixteen, his father crippled with debts and fearful of arrest fled to Moscow, where his two elder sons were at the university. Anton was left at Taganrog and supported himself as best as he could by tutoring backward boys. When after three years he matriculated and was granted as scholarship of 25 roubles, he joined his parents in Moscow.

Having decided to become a doctor, he entered the medical school. He found his family living in a slum. Anton brought with him two school friends and fellow students to board with the family. Their payment and his scholarship were enough to provide food for nine people and pay the rent. Anton had the gift of improvising funny stories which kept his friends in fits of laughter. He sent off his stories to a Petersburg weekly magazine called “The Dragon fly”. To his surprise it was accepted. From 1880 to 1885 Chekhov wrote 388 stories.

While he was writing, he was working at the medical school to get his diploma. He could only write at night after his hard day’s work at the hospital. In his stories Chekhov defends the insulted dignity of a “small man”. After his final examinations Chekhov became a qualified doctor. He had never intended to become a professional writer. He said: “Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is only my mistress”. Tuberculosis was in the family and later Chekhov understood that he had been at death’s door. In 1887 Chekhov came back to Taganrog and was depressed by the spiritual poverty of the narrow-minded people. The journey about native region gave him material for writing story “The Steppe”, which is penetrated with love for our native nature. Chekhov died at the age of 44.

Chekhov’s work is immortal. On base of many stories was created many movies and short films. Many places in Taganrog are connected with name of this outstanding Russian writer, among them the Chekhov memorial museum- a small house, where he was born. The Chekhov literary museum was founded in the 30-ies. The Taganrog Drama Theatre was given the name of Chekhov in 1944.


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