Specialized DVD Arrangement Software

If spreadsheet is not enough for you and you feel like to use a more specialized tool that better serves the purpose of DVD organizing, there are many pieces of software to choose from. Solutions vary from freeware utilities to medium cost software. Delicious Library is an organizing tool designed for Mac OS. Currently this is the software of my choice for household needs. When I opened it for the first time, I immediately liked its convenience and user-friendliness. Itís probably hard to believe, but you donít need to enter any information. Just take a shot of the DVDís barcode with your webcam or something, and the program will get all the information from online databases in a matter of few moments. You only enter the ďlocationĒ of a title in binders. And then when youíre about to watch a movie, run Delicious Library and browse all your collection in a convenient presentation that can be sorted by different categories.

Windows users are offered similar products, too. Just read through reviews and analyze programsí features to pick the one, which is right for you.

Whatever way you choose for making your DVD repository more ordered, it will definitely pay you off in terms of compactness, better accessibility and faster searching for particular DVDs.

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