Open DVD cases and transfer discs to binders

A recommendation appropriate here is that you shouldn’t go for strict alphabetical order, as this way you will end up having to re-arrange all the discs each time you put a new one in. And this has no advantages in terms of convenience or accessibility, since you’re unlikely to remember exact titles of each single DVD you own. Some will like the idea of chronological sorting of their collection but this method has the same caveat as for alphabetizing.

The following method of sorting I suggest is appropriate if you’ve purchased multiple DVD binders at once. Then you just assign a certain category (for example, genre or ESRB rating) to each binder and insert discs accordingly. Suppose you bought 5 binders for a start. For instance you mark #1 for sci-fi films, #2 for dramas, #3 for comedies, #4 for children movies, #5 for documentaries. If you get a new disc, there’s no need for any rearrangements, you just put it to the next slot of corresponding binder. At the same time try observing simple rules: don’t take out too many discs from the binder at once; do place taken discs to the same slots they occupied before.

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