A Movie Buff?

Movie buffWant to carry your favorite clips on your even more favored Pink Apple iPhone?

No problems if you have this new DVD Catalyst 3 which converts any DVD or movie you have a liking for into a format which you can proudly play on your pink Apple iPhone.

With this wonder catalyst you need not go in for cumbersome additional devices. It will support any device you have and has multiple uses. It does the work of a pocket vc video converter, psp video converter and an iPod video converter as well! The clarity of the videos is amazing, almost as good as the original. Not only this, it has the feature which automatically removes the irritating black bar which might cut into a picture. All the images automatically come on full screen.

Do you hate going through longwinded procedures like with a blu-ray player? Well with this DVD catalyst 3 no unnecessary clicking is required to download videos. You can even set it to automatically load the videos and images of your choices. A real boon for those who might be technology challenged and still wish to use this catalyst .On the other hand if you area a techie you will welcome it because it has a multi device queue which enables you to use it on many devices. In fact this is a unique feature which other DVD catalysts do not have. It enables you to watch movies on multiple devices like a nano, a PSP etc simultaneously. All you have to do is to insert a DVD and signal GO

The wonder catalyst also comes with a seven period trial. You don’t have to be satisfied with the standard five minute trial which is over in a jiffy! For seven days you get unlimited access to the DVD catalyst and after you buy the DVD catalyst 3 the video downloads are yours!

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