Remember everything you've watched, no more forgotten debts

When you give your movies on the discs to your friends, it is quite probably that they will forget to give it back. But Movie organizer software will help you to organize yourself in such situations so you could always check whom you gave the particular DVD and when it should be returned.

No more unknown actors

You'll need only few seconds to find out everything you know about the actor or the movie you are interested in, all you need to do for that is type the name of the actor or the movie title into Movie organizer software. After that the film cataloger will perform a search in the Internet and then download all the necessary information, including movie cover, synopsis, awards, rating, shots, filmography, gross and other. As this info can be useful in the future, it is saved in the local movie database, and it makes it much easier to remember in which movie a particular actor starred, or to read a movie description.

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